[Mailman-Users] Messages discarded by ISP

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Mon May 22 23:56:19 CEST 2006

Antonio Dragone sent the message below at 14:31 5/22/2006:
>Thank you very much to all!
>I have solved the problem with your guidance

>After reading the last messages from Mark, Peter and Matt, I decided
>to dig into the "list address affair (the sender header)"
 for my
>surprise, the email sender was "listname-bounces[at]myhostname"
>instead of "listname-bounces[at]myhostname.domain_name", after
>changing the option "host_name" in "General Options" to a full
>qualified domain name, the problem was solved!
>My ISP was discarding the messages because the sender was not
>formatted properly... not a "legal" name for their SPAM filters I
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It probably has nothing to do with spam filters. 
If your ISP has their MTA properly configured so 
it is not an open relay, it is very likely the 
MTA refusing to relay mail from a source it does 
not recognize as valid. Without the fully 
qualified domain name, the MTA has no idea if 
somebody is trying to bounce spam off of it, it 
needs it to verify that the mail is from an allowed sender.

This is a good thing.


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