[Mailman-Users] Getting notifications for admin requests that don'e exist

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Fri May 26 01:10:57 CEST 2006


I have at l;east one list owner (only one list owner has complained 
anyway) who is regularly getting email from Mailman with the subject "19 
Small_centers admin request(s) waiting".  When he clicks on the link, 
the page displays "There are no pending requests. Click here to reload 
this page". 

I'm presuming that the web page is correct and the email wrong (but I'm 
not sure).  Other than the web interface, how can I determine if there 
are, in fact, admin requests waiting.  And if there aren't what would be 
causing the email message to get repeatedly generated.



Rob Tanner
UNIX Services Manager
Linfield College, McMinnville OR

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