[Mailman-Users] reviving broken mailman ???

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Nov 1 18:57:55 CET 2006


> Patrick has pretty much covered it. If you want another view, see
> <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2006-October/054114.html>.
> This is in the context of moving lists, but the directories and files
> would be the same.
> However, I *think* you should be able to reinstall Mailman without
> moving your list data aside and get the same end result, but it would
> be good to back up your data anyway.
> Also, re: Patrick's concern that the issue may be caused by something
> in the list data rather than Mailman itself is quite valid in general,
> but is almost certainly not the case with your specific issue.

Ok, I'll bide my time, I guess waiting for debian to come out and address
this apparent bug, relating to mailman and smtp-failure and debuglevel
reporting. I could wait a year, right, or it could be out today? 

In the meantime, I'll figure out how to back up my mailman installation per
Patrick's instructions. Is there any service that I could upload my list to,
and then have someone else send out to my list for me, for a price? Is that
option available? 


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