[Mailman-Users] Duplicate attachements saved in archive directory?

Xueshan Feng sfeng at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 3 01:38:51 CET 2006


We are running mailman 2.1.8.

List's attachments seemed saved twice with different names in archives
directory. For example, one is "attachement.pdf", another one
"attachment-0001.pdf". The latter is the one used in the URL that
replaces the attachement in the oringal email. 

I thought this might have to do with email client, but I tested with Mac
MailApp and Linux Firfox, same behavior.

Any idea what caused this? 



Xueshan Feng (aka. Susan Feng)            

Shared Services, ITSS
Stanford University, CA 94305-3090

255 Panama St.
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