[Mailman-Users] debian/exim4/mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 4 02:09:03 CET 2006

Eric Walker wrote:
>1) how do I do that, not sure what you mean. Are you saying connect directly to my web hosts smtp server?
>2) not sure what your saying here. Are you saying set up a local smtp server and then through an email client post to the list and have the local server forward emails?

If you have both Exim and Mailman running on your own computer, Exim
can deliver incoming mail to mailman and Exim can accept outgoing mail
from Mailman and send it directly to the recipients without involving
an intermediate ISP.

If you don't have a domain name and/or a fixed IP address, it is a bit
tricky to get mail from the internet to your local Exim, but if all
you want to do is post to your own list from your own computer, it is
a simple matter to set up Exim to listen for SMTP connects on
'localhost' port 25, and it is also fairly simple to set up an MUA
(email client) to deliver its outgoing mail to the SMTP server on
'localhost' port 25. You then use this MUA
account/personality/whatever you call it to send a message to
'mylist at localhost' and Exim can accept it and deliver it to Mailman
for 'mylist'.

On the outbound side, Mailman delivers the mail to Exim on 'localhost'
port 25, and Exim sends it to the recipients directly via SMTP
connections to the recipient domains. Your web host's SMTP server is
not involved at all. This may or may not work for you because some
remote servers will not accept mail from an SMTP server (MTA) that
doesn't identify itself with a domain name that resolves to it's IP
address, so that can be a 'gotcha' if you don't have a fixed IP
address that has a reverse DNS entry.

Also, please include the list in replies.

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