[Mailman-Users] error: namazu - can't open the index

Rusty Wilson rustyw007 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 18:19:35 CET 2006


I'm relatively new to Linux, and Mailman and never used namazu before - please accept my apolgies for any ignorance... :)

PROBLEM: namazu error - can't open the index

I set up namazu following the instructions in this post:


but when i try to invoke the search from my archive page, i get the following error:


References:  [  (can't open the index)  ]   

 No document matching your query.


I googled for some suggestions and came up with running the program from the command line - which works OK:

namazu foo /home/namazu/test1

so - i assume I have a permissions problem - am I on the right track?

This error seems to indicate that the CGI ran, but had error(s). Is this correct?

My .namazurc file is "stock" except I uncommented and changed 2 lines:
Index    /home/namazu
Template    /home/namazu/test1

The owner and group for namazu.cgi and .namazurc are mailman/mailman, and the permissions are: 755 for each.

the owner and group for /home/namazu/test1 are namazu/namazu and the permission on the directory is 775

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated. I chose this method since the author indicated no changes were required to mailman - and right now, thats important.


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