[Mailman-Users] spam, spamcop and mailman moderation

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Fri Nov 10 17:59:16 CET 2006

In a flurry of recycled electrons, Gadi Evron wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Nov 2006, Patrick Bogen wrote:
> > Bearing that in mind, you shouldn't be using moderation as a
> > first-line anti-spam defense. Your MTA should be tagging emails as
> > spam (e.g., using Spamassassin, or something better suited to your
> > particular configuration), greylisting, etc. With a properly

> > This is fairly trivial to implement; just set up your MTA to pass mail
> > through spamassassin, and then add a check for the headers it adds to
> > mailman's list configuration, if nothing else.

> That fails the test of reality on lists I run which can be filtered. The
> problem is so big now simple filtering doesn't do that much good. On those
> lists that can't (security related with a lot of false positives) not
> practical.

I'm not sure how this fails a reality test. Are any anti-spam measures
in place currently?  If not, mailman is certainly not the place to 
start. That place is the incoming mail MTA.  (If you run your own servers,
installing spamassassin shoundn't take too much time. If you're using a
hosting server, then they should already have spam filters in place. If
they don't/can't you might consider a service that does.)

Once the MTA filters out what it can, and tags the suspect spam as such,
-then- creating mailman filters does become an almost trivial task.

Please search the mailman user's list archives, there have been many
discussions about spam handling.


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