[Mailman-Users] problem with mailman GUI

Darryl Cook dlc at cs.appstate.edu
Fri Nov 10 19:02:50 CET 2006

   Im running mailman version 2.1.8 on Redhat ES v4.   I have had it
running successfully for over 2 years now.   Suddenly I am having
problems with the gui interface.   Everything runs fine for lists
that are already created but the problem comes when trying to add a
new list.  I can add the list through the command line fine but if I
use the gui it just comes back to the same page without adding the
list.   If I add the list by command line then the gui wont save any
changes to the configuration.  I dont get any error messages that I
can find either.

   I originally thought it to be a permission problem but the older
lists have the same permissions.  I have tried upgrading to 2.1.9 and
downgrading to 2.1.5 but they all act the same.

   Any ideas on where to look for this problem......thanks in advance!


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