[Mailman-Users] request.pck does not match heldmsg-Listname files

Gerardo Herzig gherzig at fmed.uba.ar
Fri Nov 17 14:45:15 CET 2006

Well, if mailman do not provide such a tool, there is lots of quick ways 
to find such a files: Lets assume that any given .pck file must have at 
least 5 lines to be considered a `good one'. So you can find those files 
who have less than 5 lines, then you can delete it

Simple python oneliner for finding .pck files fewer than 5 lines:
cd ~mailman/data

 >>> import glob
 >>>'\n'.join([x[0] for x in [(open(y).name, len(open(y).readlines())) 
for y in glob.glob('*.pck')] if x[1] < 5])

## the (if x[1] < 5) at the end is the total lines for each file.
Try it and watch. If you like it, you can save it as 
find_orphaned_files.py and do

./find_orphaned_files.py | xargs ~mailman/bin/discard

Or something like this. Its just an idea, hope to be helpfull.


>    I've noticed heldmsg-ListName-* files in mailman/data, which the 
>request.pck file for the given list isn't aware of (the pickle only has a 
>version string).
>    Is there something which others have used to iterate the request.pck 
>file of all lists, and determine orphaned files in the mailman/data 
>directory so they can be deleted?
>Ivan Fetch.
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