[Mailman-Users] scripts/owners not setting list domain

Peter Radcliffe pir at pir.net
Fri Nov 17 20:14:48 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> probably said:
> Try the following tests:

> >>> Utils.get_domain()
> (should return 'www.pir.net')

> >>> Utils.get_site_email()
> (should return 'mailman at list.pir.net')

> >>> mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOSTS
> (should return {'www.pir.net': 'list.pir.net'}

All return as they should. Even this returns correctly:

>>> from Mailman.Utils import get_domain
>>> mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOSTS.get(get_domain(), get_domain())

Now if I back out my patch and retry sending mail to owners it works
just fine.

Makes me really puzzled. My best guess is I changed the mm_cfg.py file
from when I had the bad entries in, post-upgrade, and afterwards only
processes not in the mailman group that couldn't write to
Mailman/mm_cfg.pyc were run until I was done testing... but my MTA is
in mailman group and runs the wrapper as mailman/malman so that
doesn't make much sense.

Very odd. Thanks for the debugging help, though.



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