[Mailman-Users] text-only versus graphical

Patrick Bogen pdbogen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 19:23:59 CET 2006

Most of us don't, for a couple of reasons:
Mailman's HTML support is fairly dumb, which means that the vast
variation in MUAs make it difficult to craft HTML (and message
structures that contain such) that will be presented in a regular way
to the users.

Mailman's primary purpose is as a discussion-oriented mailing list
manager, not for distributing newsletters and/or announcements (though
it is easily converted to this purpose).

Lastly, for a lot of folk (or, at least, myself), HTML is a
four-letter word when it comes to email.

On 11/20/06, Dr. Scott S. Jones <scott at fyrenice.com> wrote:
> I need to find out what others on the list use to produce graphical based
> newsletters. I have been mailing out lots of text only based letters to my
> lists and I get minimal response...what do some of you use to create
> graphical newsletters to mail out?
> Scott
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