[Mailman-Users] subscription only via email?

John W. Baxter jwblist3 at olympus.net
Thu Nov 23 05:28:57 CET 2006

On 11/22/06 12:03 AM, "Zbigniew Szalbot" <zbyszek at szalbot.homedns.org>

> Because I cannot offer http access to the machine where mailman is
> installed, I wonder if I can set the subscription process so that it is
> available only through email. I understand I will have to edit some
> templates with email texts (suggestions which would be welcome though
> hopefully I will find them) but should I take anything else into
> considertaion?

In your situation, it may make more sense to use a mailing list manager
written to be "driven" from email, such as Majordomo.  Mailman--as a
reaction to the problems some people found with the Majordomo way--was
designed to be driven from the web, with a few email commands tossed in to
make former Majordomo users feel more at home.

After we switched our lists from Majordomo to Mailman, I stopped following
progress--if any--on Majordomo.  There could well be better choices around.


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