[Mailman-Users] encoding problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 23 18:46:44 CET 2006

Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
>> I have a strange problem but it only affects Outlook. Whenever I send
>> something to a test list that I created, Outlook displays it in iso-8859-2
>> encoding but the characterset is wrong. But when I change the display in
>> outlook to Central Europe (ISO), the text is displayed correctly.
>I now know what caused this problem but do not know the real source of it. 
>I created this faulty list by using:
>bin/config_list -i data/sitelist.cfg name_of_the_list
>When I deleted the list and re-created it using web browser, everything 
>works fine. Bug or a feature?

Since I have no idea what the underlying problem was, I have no idea
whether there is a bug here or not and whether or not the bug, if any,
is in Mailman or Outlook.

However, bin/config_list does not create lists. It only modifies their
configurations so you must have created 'name_of_the_list' via the web
interface or via bin/newlist before running config_list.

Further, the file sitelist.cfg is intended to be used only to configure
the site ('mailman') list with settings that are more appropriate for
the site list than are the default list settings. It is not intended
to be used to configure other lists.

Perhaps if you use 'bin/config_list -o' to dump the configuration of
the now working list, and compare that to sitelist.cfg, you might get
some clues as to what may have caused this, although I can't see
anything other than 'language' settings (either list or user) having
an effect.

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