[Mailman-Users] new list, slammed and hosed...

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 25 23:32:57 CET 2006

Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
>I recently reopened a list for my wife's business. I have a few of my own
>lists. I NEVER get any unsolicited postings to my list, which has been up a
>few weeks, yet after 2 days of starting my wife's list, I am getting
>spammed, hosed and slammed by all sorts of dubious posts.

Basically, all it takes is one list recipient's computer to be infected
with some spyware for the list addresses to start receiving mega spam.

>Is there something that should be set in Privacy or otherwise, in my list
>versus the wife's new list, that it allowing all the crap in?

Maybe, maybe not. If Privacy options...->Sender
filters->generic_nonmember_action is Reject or Discard on your lists
and Hold on your wife's, that could explain the difference.

>Finally, both lists are moderated. What if i opened up my wife's list, and
>just let anyone post any old thing to it. Could opening it expose my server,
>upon which it runs, to danger, hacking, and other attack?

Probably not, but why would you want to expose the list members to
these posts? Much better to just discard them.  Better still to catch
as many as possible in the incoming MTA and not accept them in the
first place.

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