[Mailman-Users] gmail and yahoo blocked?

Levent Elpen leventelpen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 16:04:59 CEST 2006

Too many thanks to Mark and Brad.

This is very interesting problem according to me.

I have done as follows:

First, I went to auto-responder and reduced to
autoresponse_graceperiod from 90 to 0.

Then, I received a digest message both my gmail and my yahoo address
in question in "[mylist name]-request@[myservername].net" format.

Second, I went to digest options, loooked at "Can list members choose
to receive list traffic bunched in digests?" and chossed "No".

Third, I went to membership list and cancelled to "digest" check box
both my gmail and my yahoo address (however, these check boxes was
absent before). There was only three digest (two, my gmail and yahoo
addresses) all of the list and I cancelled all. Each one looked at
member options and choose digest option to "Closed"

Fourth, Re-check membership list and I shocked: All digest options
that I cancelled re-placed! The system automatically choose "digest"
checkbox for only these three members (two, my gmail and yahoo

I hate digest for mailman!

Please help me.


Levent Elpen


On 10/2/06, Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
> Brad Knowles wrote:
> >At 10:22 PM +0300 10/2/06, Levent Elpen wrote:
> >
> >>  I have a problem recently (I have not, before). I have two mailman
> >>  lists on my server and cpanel.
> >
> >Please see FAQ 6.11.
> >
> >>                                 One runs properly and send mail to all
> >>  server types include gmail and yahoo. Other, runs properly, too, but
> >>  does not send specially my yahoo and gmail adresses.
> >
> >Please see FAQ 3.42.
> This may or may not be a problem with Yahoo and/or Gmail blocking, but
> since you have two lists on the same server and both Yahoo and Gmail
> receive and deliver mail from one list and not the other, that rules
> out a lot of the things such as originating domain or IP address that
> are often the basis for blocking.
> I would compare the two list configurations side by side to see what's
> different. Possibly something like an explicit Reply-To: on one list
> but not the other or something in the subject_prefix of the blocked
> list is causing this.
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