[Mailman-Users] X-SPAM-FILTER problems

martin moriarty mm7 at cs.ucc.ie
Wed Oct 4 15:15:19 CEST 2006

Hi there
We run a multitude ( 20+) of mailman lists, some moderated, and some 
unmoderated. In each case we would like to discard those previously 
identified as spam by spam assassin. We run Mailman Version 2.1.5. Ive 
added in spam filter rules/expression: X-SPAM-FLAG:YES . Seems to work 
for a while, then stops working.
Also tried other regular expressions filtering on the Subject: . All 
appear to work, then stop working. When you look at the administrative 
interface , the rule/regular expression has disappeared. No error 
message appears to indicate Ive put the commands in inaccurately, indeed 
they work fine for a while. Any ideas on where I could be going wrong 
would be much appreciated


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