[Mailman-Users] where is creator.py?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 11 16:41:04 CEST 2006

Brad Knowles wrote:

>At 1:52 PM +0200 10/11/06, Peter Soccar wrote:
>>  I'm using mailman 2.1.7 installed from rpm on fedora 5, as I understand
>>  the default path of adm.py and creator.py should be /etc/mailman
>That's not where our code would have put it, so you must be using a 
>binary packaged version.  We may be able to help you with problems 
>that are specific to our code, but we can't help you with anything 
>that may have been done to our code once it was taken by someone else 
>and turned into a binary package.

Brad is correct in what he says, but you may find
to be helpful.

Also, what are you looking for? Our code contains neither adm.py nor
creator.py. If you are looking for the web CGI scripts, they are in
Mailman/Cgi/ and the admin interface is admin.py and the list create
interface is create.py.

If you are looking for the site and list creator password, the files
are adm.pw and creator.pw, (not .py) and they are in the data/
directory. if there is no creator.pw file, a list creator password has
not been established.

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