[Mailman-Users] Mail going to list archives but not to list!

Allan Trick atrick at prin.edu
Mon Oct 16 00:56:41 CEST 2006

At 05:19 PM 10/15/2006, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>OutgoingRunner is missing. there are no 'caught SIGINT', 'exiting',
>'[restarting]' or 'started' entries for it.
>What is in the qrunner log prior to this? Presumably there are entries
>from last Wednesday indicating its 'restart limit' was reached.

That's it, Mark! --

Oct 11 15:47:03 2006 (1662) Qrunner OutgoingRunner reached maximum 
restart limit of 10, not restarting.

>bin/mailmanctl stop
>Then make sure all Mailman processes are stopped per
>then do
>bin/mailmanctl start

Everything's humming along great now.

I thought "restart" would do the same as "stop" and "start", but I guess not!

Good learning experience for me (and maybe others reading this)...



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