[Mailman-Users] Serious Performance issue

Peter Kofod pete at datasages.com
Tue Oct 17 16:33:38 CEST 2006

Hi Everyone:

I am new to this list having just implemented mailman for an
announce-list we host.  In short, the performance is horrible.  The list
has approx 40,000 subscribers and the avg message going out is about 40K
(some embedded imagery).  I know we can do better with lazy html etc.,
but the system has become unresponsive.

Here are the specifics:

Fedora Core 5
Mailman, Postfix (FC 5 releases), Apache, Sendmail

It has gotten to the point where we can't even manage the system via the
web interface (keep getting a 500 Internal Server error).  I am
obviously no mailman or postfix guru, so any pointers on where I should
look in the logs and make changes would be helpful.



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