[Mailman-Users] Yet Another List Cloning Question

Jon Forrest forrest at ce.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 18 01:00:41 CEST 2006

(I've read the archives about list cloning. I hope
the question below isn't the same as the rest. This question
is for Mailman 2.1.9).

I need to create a bunch of email lists, more
than are feasible to create using the web interface.
I have, however, used the web interface to create
one list that I've successfully configured in the
way I want all the other lists to be.

 From reading the archives I know that one way to create the
other lists is something like this (oldlistname is
the correctly configured list):

	bin/config_list -o oldlistname.cfg oldlistname
	# separate list-specific stuff from generic and put in std.cfg
	bin/newlist newlistname
	bin/config_list -i std.cfg newlistname

Here's what isn't clear to me. In looking at the contents
of oldlistname.cfg I see lots of good stuff. Some of it is obviously
specific to oldlistname, and some of it is generic list
configuration info. Is there any way I, as a new Mailman,
can tell which is which? For example, it looks like everything after
'subject_prefix' can be generic but I'm not sure.

Also, am I right in thinking that a better way of doing this,
once I've created a correct std.cfg, would be to put the stuff
from std.cfg into mm_cfg.py?


Jon Forrest
forrest at ce.berkeley.edu
Computer Resources Manager
Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.
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