[Mailman-Users] mail list script sending out spam and crashing server big style

Heal Secretary secretary at healheadingley.org.uk
Thu Oct 19 22:21:06 CEST 2006

My web host suspended my account because -

"mail list script sending out spam and crashing server big style"

They tell me that this was some kind of highjacking of my Mailman 
script to send out spam.

Can anyone explain what actually happened, please, and what I can do 
to stop it happening again?

I am using Mailman 2.1.9.cp 1. I am locked in to CPanel and not at 
liberty, myself to do an upgrade from this version.

The host has now unblocked my account after some pleading on my part, 
that I had nothing to do with it.

The web host's error message is too short to be much help to me. They 
say I can get more information from the logs in CPanel. I have tried 
this, but the logs all seem to talk of traffic on my web site, not my 
mailing lists. Does anyone know what to look for, and where, in CPanel?

I run 3 mailing lists on Mailman. All of them are members only. New 
members can only be signed up by me. Non members are not allowed to 
post to the lists.

I can't figure what I could do to make Mailman more secure.

Any ideas?


Secretary of Heal Headingley
Campaigning for a Sustainable Balanced Community

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