[Mailman-Users] undelivered mail, but only to some

D. Alan Stewart d.alan.stewart at mac.com
Thu Oct 26 22:57:01 CEST 2006

In what order does Mailman process subscribers when it is  
transmitting to the list? The order in which they are subscribed?  
Alphabetical by email address? Random?

On Oct 26, 2006, at 2:55 PM, D. Alan Stewart wrote:

> I am having a baffling problem with Mailman. Suddenly the list that I
> am administrating has stopped delivering mail to a subset of the
> subscribers. It's not readily apparent what those that are not
> receiving the mails have in common - the domains that I know of
> include mac.com, yahoo.com, av8inc.com. It also seems that anyone new
> added to the list does not receive emails, though they do receive the
> initial subscripion notice and the monthly reminders. I have seen
> once that someone newly subscribed received one posting and has not
> received another since.
> This list is provided to me by my web hosting provider, who is also
> baffled. The Mailman installation is version 2.1.5. The sendmail logs
> show successful transmissions to the users in question, at the
> correct time, so it appears Mailman is sending something, but the
> receiving end  must be discarding it. I'm one of those not receiving
> the emails. I've contacted my mail provider, mac.com, but they want a
> copy of the email being sent with complete headers. Since any new
> subscribers I've added aren't getting emails I'm having trouble doing
> this.
> We set up a test list. I've found that the test list works if I
> subscribe only myself. However, if I mass subscribe all the
> subscribers of the malfunctioning list to the test list, it appears
> to behave in the same manner as the malfunctioning list. That seems
> to imply that it is either the number of subscribers or that one bad
> entry in the list is creating the problem. It can't be the number of
> subscribers, there are other, bigger Mailman lists on this same host
> that seem to be working correctly. There are less than 100
> subscribers to my list. In examining the list that I am subscribing I
> can find no entries that appear malformed.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> TIA.
> Alan
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