[Mailman-Users] Unexpected Listname When Creating New List

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Oct 28 00:45:36 CEST 2006

Jon Forrest wrote:
>newlist --help says:
>"Note that listnames are forced to lowercase".
>That doesn't seem to be true.

The confusion is there are two list names. The internal list name which
is the name of the list's sub-directory in Mailman's lists/ directory,
and the name which is used in URLs referencing the list is lower case.

The real_name attribute on the list's General Options page may be mixed
case, but must be the same as the internal name except for case. A
newly created list will be given an initial real_name = to the all
lower case internal name except the first character will be Upper case
if it's a letter. This name is used in some messages and on the
listinfo page.

>I just ran
>	bin/newlist test
>but my listinfo web page shows this as "Test".
>It also shows up as "Test" in the General Options
>web page.
>If I look at the "Details for real name" information, it says:
>"Email addresses are not case sensitive..."
>I learned in Email 101 that this is not true on the left
>side of "@" signs. Was my teacher playing a cruel joke on me?
>In any case, I can change "Test" to "test" and all appears

Or you can leave it as "Test" or make it "TEST" if you like.

You are correct. Local parts of email addresses (left of the @) are
interpreted only by local mail delivery and may be case sensitive
although they usually aren't. If *your* MTA is case sensitive, then
your list's real_name should be all lower case to match the internal
name, but most likely, you can capitalize it any way you want to make
it pretty.

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