[Mailman-Users] How to move a list from 2.1.2

Anders Norrbring lists at norrbring.se
Sun Oct 29 17:26:17 CET 2006

Thanks Mark,
A very easy to go by description! I was thinking in these lines, but 
wanted to check first.

Again, thanks.

Mark Sapiro skrev:
> Anders Norrbring wrote:
>> I have a bunch of lists that resides on an old 2.1.2 installation.. I 
>> want to move these to a newer machine with Mailman v2.1.7.
>> I'd like to move both lists and archives.
>> On the mailman web site, a script called "move_list" is mentioned, but 
>> that script doesn't exist on any of my systems...
> The move_list script was for Mailman 2.0.x. It is not in Mailman 2.1.x.
> The process is fairly straightforward, but it is complicated a bit if
> the domain names for web access and/or email are different on the new
> machine. There are many discussions of this in the archives of this
> list and there is a FAQ at
> <http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq03.004.htp>
> but it too is out of date.
> The basic procedure assuming domain names change is the following:
> 1) move the lists/listname/ directory and contents for each list.
> 2) move the archives/private/listname.mbox/ directory and
> archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox file for each list.
> 3) run fix_url on each list to update its host_name and hidden
> web_page_url attributes. fix_url runs under bin/withlist. Run
> bin/fix_url.py for instructions.
> 4) run bin/arch on each list to build the archives with correct links
> to the listinfo page.
> If domain names don't change, you can skip steps 3 and 4 and add to
> step 2 - move the archives/private/listname directory and it's
> contents for each list. You don't need to move the archives/public
> stuff as it is checked and created/deleted as necessary each time the
> list is accessed.
> Mailman will automatically update the list data as needed from 2.1.2 to
> 2.1.7 when the list is accessed.
> The above assumes there aren't held messages. If there are, they should
> be dealt with on the old machine before the move. Also, if there is
> the possibility of incoming posts during the move, it is a good idea
> to stop the MTAs to keep things from hitting Mailman during the move.

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