[Mailman-Users] Mailman working, but very slow delivery of posted mails

Bob Landman rlandman at hlinstruments.com
Sat Sep 2 16:46:36 CEST 2006

If the ISP you are having delay problems with is AT&T you can forget about talking to them - they don't listen.  We recently had a very serious issue with AT&T as one of our consultants in Utah uses them via Quest DSL. He didn't see the problem but we did.  They delayed for a week, on average, every mail from another consultant in Florida who is on ISDN using Megapath.  I got both their mails just fine and from AT&T to Megapath was no problem but the reverse was.  We set up a relay forward through our mailserver but still we had problems so it seems that they were parsing the headers and rejecting mail from Megapath, perhaps as spam?  Whatever the reason, it was clearly deliberate.  They would not comment on the problem, would not solve it. 

In the end our Utah consultant had to get another ISP.  Megapath tried to reason with AT&T and got nowhere.

Bob Landman

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