[Mailman-Users] Hijacking threads and netiquette (was: e: Obscure addresses problem)

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Tue Sep 5 22:22:28 CEST 2006

On 9/5/06, Raquel <raquel at thericehouse.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Sep 2006 14:23:42 -0500
> "David Dyer-Bennet" <dd-b at dd-b.net> wrote:
> > My problem, as I have said from the beginning, is that browsers
> > (specifically Firefox, though I note the same problem reported
> > against Safari in feature request 966157) do not recognize the
> > password field on the mailing list administrator login page as a
> > password field, and hence do not offer to save it for me, and
> > hence make it much, much harder to deal with mailing list
> > administration than it needs to be.
> What I cannot understand, since this is a browser issue, is that it
> becomes a Mailman problem.  Should Mailman, and every web site on
> the Internet, change their programming?  Should the browser
> programmers change their programming?  I suppose the answer to those
> questions depend on who is asked.

It's an issue in the interaction of browsers and Mailman.  It could
almost certainly be fixed by either side.  If you want to start a
finger-pointing contest and say "not my problem" that's your privilege
of course, but they can do so just as validly on the other side.

The schemes currently implemented in many browsers work with a huge
array of sites out there, everything from ebay to amazon to
sourceforge to slashdot to The New York Times, thousands and thousands
of sites.

Unfortunately they do not seem to work with Mailman.

You can argue that everybody is wrong except Mailman, and all the
browsers should change to support the way Mailman wants to do this
(while, of course, not breaking any of the *other* sites they already
work with).

If you want to argue that, please go ahead; there may be additional
reasons I haven't yet seen or thought of why what Mailman does is so
right that it's more important than whether it works with existing
browsers, and so right that when we make the argument to the browser
community they will all rush to fix the browsers.   That's entirely

So, make the argument.
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