[Mailman-Users] Hijacking threads and netiquette (was: e: Obscure addresses problem)

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Tue Sep 5 23:17:48 CEST 2006

On 9/5/06, Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:

> >  I wrote what would have been 3.67, only to then be told that it wasn't
> >  actually open to anybody to post after all; so to keep that work from
> >  going to waste I post it here, and propose it be included (or improved
> >  and then included):
> Look closely.  All the information you need is actually right there.
> You're asked for your full name, your e-mail address, and the
> password.  The password is actually given to you in multiple places,
> and is pretty obvious -- although I'm not going to explicitly mention
> it in this public forum.

Now *that* really pissed me off.  The page linked from the "help"
button on the FAQ edit page says "What is the password? The webmaster
will tell you the password if you ask nicely."  I really don't much
like scavenger-hunt-as-security-metaphor, but maybe that help should
be updated somehow to suggest the real situation more accurately.

I'll be updating the new FAQ with one more point, the Firefox bug
number (closed for 2.0) referring to this problem, and posting it
shortly.  Unless yet *another* booby-trap trips me up yet *again*.
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