[Mailman-Users] About scrubbing attachments

Cihan Yildirim-Yucel cihany at metu.edu.tr
Sat Sep 9 10:53:31 CEST 2006

For some of the lists I have been managing, in order to make the
attachments accessible only from the web archives, I have tried to
activate the "scrub_nondigest" feature. This works, that is, the
attachments are scrubbed and a url link for each attachment is given
within the body of the messages sent to the lists. However, there does not
exist a standard rule for the file extensions reached from the archives.
For instance;

* .gif, .jpg, .pdf extensions can directly be reached from the list's web
* .htm, .html files are viewed in source code in the list's web archive.
* .doc and .xls extensions are converted into .obj extension.
* .sxw extension is converted into .zip extension.

As this is the case, I can not make use of this feature since it is very
difficult and disturbing for our users when trying to view or open the
attachments with those altered extensions from the web archives. (e.g.
files with .obj extension have to be saved and changed manually into
.doc/.xls and then they can be opened..)

While using the scrub-attachments feature, isn't it possible to reach the
attachment files as they are, from the web archives?

With regards,

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