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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Sep 11 19:35:37 CEST 2006

At 1:20 PM -0400 2006-09-11, Matt Herzog wrote:

>  Not exactly. I have
>  MTA = "Postfix"
>  in mm_cfg.py. Do the spaces matter?

In this case, I don't think that the spaces will be a problem 
(although Python does normally care a great deal about spacing), but 
the double versus single quotes may be something that Python cares 

>  Something keeps changing the ownership of the aliases file to root.
>  I had chowned it to mailman:mailman earlier today.

Probably a cron job, or some other command that you're using which 
has effects other than the ones you expect.  Take a look at the 
"newaliases" command, and make sure it points to the postfix program 
it should.  Also make sure that your aliases and alias databases are 
set up correctly in your main.cf.

>  By the way, do I need to run 'mailmanctl restart' every time I make a
>  change in mmm_cfg.py?

Yes.  IIRC, this is well documented.

>  I have been all over this page and site. The problem is with the
>  NetBSD package build I'm thinking.

You may want to try doing a manual install from our latest sources, 
instead of depending on their package.  Sometimes the package 
maintainers get everything right, sometimes they don't.

But, when you come to us for assistance with whatever problems you've 
got, we're not likely to be able to help you with problems caused by 
the package maintainer, and it may be difficult to tell which 
problems come from where.  So, when you're using a packaged version, 
you should always go to your OS support facilities first (which may 
be directly to the package maintainer) and only once you have 
confirmed that the problems are within Mailman itself and not a 
result of the work done by the package maintainer, should you then 
come here.

We have this problem with cPanel, Plesk and Apple all the time.  We 
tend to have fewer problems with other package providers (e.g., Red 
Hat, FreeBSD, etc...), but the issues are largely the same.

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