[Mailman-Users] Change Footer On HTML Info and Subscription Results pages

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Tue Sep 12 05:12:54 CEST 2006

I have completely customized the  list info page and subscription 
results page
by basically install our own complete HTML code with inline CSS

using the mail man web Admin GUI for editing the html pages. Basically I 
removed most of  the mail main includes and install raw source code. It 

check it out here:


the final bit is to customize the footer.

Where in the source code folder does one find the
template text that is used for this mailman SSI (include)?


in other words i would like to customize this code:

href="http://lists.jnanadana.com/mailman/listinfo/kural">Kural</a> list 
run by <a href="mailto:kural-owner at jnanadana.com">listmaster at 
administrative interface</a> (requires authorization)<br><a 
href="http://lists.jnanadana.com/mailman/listinfo">Overview of all 
jnanadana.com mailing lists</a><p>

<table WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0">
     <td><img src="/icons/mailman.jpg" alt="Delivered by Mailman" 
border=0><br>version 2.1.5</td>
     <td><img src="/icons/PythonPowered.png" alt="Python Powered" 
     <td><img src="/icons/gnu-head-tiny.jpg" alt="GNU's Not Unix" 

of course I *can* simply delete the SSI  ("<MM-Mailman-Footer>" ) from 
the page and install
my own footer code, but I want to not totally hack up this thing if I 
can find the source inthe mailman folders.

I looked thru the FAQs and I'm afraid my last solution may be the only 
one as I don't want to
dig into messing with the Python Source if this footer is generated from 
source and not  piping
in a cat of an editable template file.

Om shanti
(In  Peace)


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