[Mailman-Users] central location for /pythonlib/* for multipleinstallations

Bretton Vine bretton at hivemind.net
Sat Sep 16 09:48:16 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro said the following on 2006/09/15 04:42 PM:
> I don't know why your installations were not all upgraded to email
> 2.5.8 when you upgraded to 2.1.9, but they should have been.

I'm just as puzzled ;-)

> Yes. In each installation there are copies of paths.py in the bin,
> cron, scripts and tests directories. Each of these contains the
> following section

<snip useful solution - thanks muchly>

> but the real issue is why didn't your 2.1.9 upgrade process install the
> right email library in pythonlib in the first place.

I don't know. I shut down each installation of mailman via the 
/etc/init.d/mailman.$domain init script before doing the `make && make 
install` after specific configuration options for each install.

I suppose it's possible a stray process was still running?

Anyway, the problem is sorted for now and I have some additional info for a 
single source of the pythonlibs. Now just to make sure a future upgrade path 
isn't compromised by opting for this.

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