[Mailman-Users] MM lists on Gmane

JC Dill lists05 at equinephotoart.com
Mon Sep 18 18:41:30 CEST 2006

John A. Martin wrote:
>     JC> Barry Warsaw wrote:
>     >> If I was aware of such problems in the past, I honestly don't
>     >> remember -- I'll place the blame squarely on my overloaded
>     >> brain, and age. :) Taking a fresh look at this, I say let's do
>     >> what we can to get the lists on Gmane, including any back
>     >> archives.
>     JC> This problem surfaced when I found a "virgin" address of mine
>     JC> receiving spam.  I had just that newly created address to
>     JC> subscribe and post to a mailman list.  How had spammers found
>     JC> it so fast?  A quick google found that my address had been
>     JC> leaked straight to usenet by gmane.
> Please explain how you think Gmane leaked anything straight to Usenet.
> Gmane is NOT connected with Usenet!
I mis-remembered, it leaked my (previously un-known and unspammed) email 
address onto the web, not onto usenet.
>     JC> Ask me if you can borrow my car, and I might say yes and give
>     JC> you the keys.  Take my car without asking, that's theft.
> Gmane subscribes to lists.  When the list accepts the subscription has
> not the list said yes and given the keys in your analogy?
The list subscription policy is that it is not OK to setup a public 
archive without specific permission.  When a subscription request is 
accepted the list server is saying "yes" to personal archives, and "no" 
to public archives without specific permission.  Gmane ignores this 


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