[Mailman-Users] MM lists on Gmane

Jason R. Mastaler jason at mastaler.com
Mon Sep 18 19:45:03 CEST 2006

On 9/18/06 10:26 AM, JC Dill wrote:
> If Barry wants to let the list be gatewayed to gmane and usenet over our 
> objections, he is certainly entitled to do that.  It will also mean that 
> he will need new people to help manage the various lists that Brad and I 
> help manage because I'm with Brad on this - gateway to gmane without 
> even asking my opinion and I'm no longer interested in helping manage 
> the list.  We (the people on mailman-users-owner who do the lion's share 
> of the work in managing the lists) deserve to be consulted and have our 
> opinions heard on this matter.

For now, what about mailman-announce?  Since it's a read-only list, it 
doesn't pose any of the problems you've brought up with non-subscribers 
and the like.  Until you guys and Barry work out what you want to do 
with mailman-uses and the other lists, is it okay if mailman-announce is 
added to Gmane?

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