[Mailman-Users] can't access /admin or /admindb/ for one of mylists, other lists work fine

wallace winfrey wally at booyaka.com
Sat Sep 30 05:10:12 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> You should use
> bin/discard data/heldmsg-listname-*.pck
> or with 33,000 messages
> bin/discard --quiet data/heldmsg-listname-*.pck
> to supress the 33,000 "Discarded held msg ..." reports.

OK, thanks for the reminder. I think I remember seeing something about
this in the docs, now that I'm thinking about it. Duh.

> As I suggested, you can look at mailman/locks/ to see if there might be
> a stale lock for the list and if so, remove it. Can you access an
> actual member's options page, or just the options login page? If the
> former, then the list probably isn't locked. In either case, this
> shows the config.pck is OK.

OK, great. Yeah, it's the former.

> Assuming you're not concerned about losing possible other request like
> subscription approvals, etc. you can try just moving requests.pck out
> of the lists/listname/ directory. You may have to do the same with
> pending.pck. Mailman will create new 'empty' ones when you go to the
> admindb page.

Subscriptions aren't moderated, so no big deal. However, I noticed that
posting to the list seems to have stopped working since I removed all
those files. Is this a side-effect of "corrupting" the pending.pck
and/or config.pck files And would removing them to create new empty ones
"fix" this problem?



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