[Mailman-Users] mailman+drupal+apache+modsuexec+sendmail

Michael Grant mgrant at grant.org
Tue Apr 3 15:48:05 CEST 2007

My goal is to set up mailman to work with drupal so that registered
drupal users can sign up certain lists.  However, I can't seem to get
mailman alone in my environment which is freebsd and apache 2 and
sendmail.  I'm using mod_suexec in apache.  And it's all under a
virtual host, there could be several vhosts.

I have mailman more or less working with apache and suexec, though I
suspect I may have problems here.  Suexec does not like group write or
setgid on the cgi files nor the cgi-bin dir, so I turned that off.  I
can get to the admin and create pages.

On permissions, I'm running the mailman web page as user=mailman and
group=mailman using this suexec line in the virtual host:
    SuexecUserGroup mailman mailman
which should do away with needing to setgid the cgi files.

Mailman itself (the qrunner) is running as userid=mailman and
groupid=mailman as well.  The doc says that this is not good because
it gives access to my private archives (if I ever have any private
archives).  I'm not sure quite what to do about this.

On the sendmail side, I have smrsh configured and when I send mail to
my test mailman list, I see in the maillog the message going to
mailman and I get a message back from mailman telling me I can't post
to my list because I'm not on it.  So it is at least getting into the
mailman program.

I created my initial 'mailman' list using bin/newlist mailman without errors.
However and here is where my problems seem to start, when I go to
listinfo web page, I don't see any lists at all.  I don't see how to
add myself to that list.

When I try to create a list from the web interface and I get the
following error:
Error: You are not authorized to create new mailing lists

I've tried both the site password and the list creator's password, same.

There is nothing in logs/error.

The first step seems to be to be able to add myself to the 'mailman'
list on my server.  By the way, is this list necessary?  If I have
multiple vhosts, what is this list for?  I don't really want mailman
messages coming from mailman at myserver, I want it coming from
mailman at vhost, for each vhost.

Any help appreciated!  Thanks!

Michael Grant

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