[Mailman-Users] default settings for newly created lists

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Apr 4 16:55:52 CEST 2007

Tomas Macek wrote:
>Hi, I'm running Mailman on RHEL4 machine. I will have to 
>create some lists and I don't want to go throught the 
>bin/config_list -o list.cfg list -> edit the cfg file -> 
>bin/config_list -i list.cfg list, but I want to edit the options, 
>that are the source for the creating new lists when I type the 
>./newlist command. Where is the default setting for new lists 
>stored? I really can't find it.
>For example I'd like to have 'msg_footer' option set the same for 
>all my lists, 'generic_nonmember_action' and many others set to my 
>own default, when I create a new list. Is it possible? Where can I do it?
>Many thanks, Tomas
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All of the list and server defaults are in the Defaults.py file but 
DO NOT change that one. It gets overwritten when Mailman is upgraded.

You can put the settings you want in the mm_cfg.py file, this file is 
used to override defaults and set other options like msg_footer etc. 
at list creation. The settings you want have to be in that file when 
you create the list or they won't be set.


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