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No One i_was_yah00ed at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 17:19:27 CEST 2007

Sorry, I did not realize that I was not replying to the group. It is this stupid browser based mail reader I have to use. The reply all apparently doesn't work. The problem is my ISP, for some reason, cannot send anything from me to mail.python.org. After 3 days I get a bounced mail telling me the server is not responding. I wrote to the admins (fortuantely one had a non-python address) and they checked the log and found all kinds of mail coming through from other users with the same ISP. They suggested it was my ISP. Probably is but my ISP says everything is fine (I bet they didn't even check). Anyway, I can't use my normal address or my normal reader. Again I am sorry and just didn't realize it was not working. Welcome to my world of frustration. I even wind up getting those trying to help me PO'ed.

Now for the good news. I got it working. It apparenlty was a corrupt postfix rpm. In a frustrated desperate attempt to do SOMETHING, I uninstalled postscript and then reinstalled it. As bizzare as it may sound, that fixed the problem. The only difference is that rather then installing it from CD, I installed it from one of the Mandriva mirrors. Partly my fault, I should have suspected something like this sooner. This is the 2nd rmp on that CD that proved to be problematic. They are in the trash now.

Thanks again for your help, especially narrowing it down to postfix.

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
A large part of my frustration is the fact that not once have you
copied the list in any of your replies. This says to me that you don't
want help from the community, just from me.

>However, I did read and comprehend the FAQ. Let me restate that this is Mandriva which is apparently different then the version you are using.

And let me restate that I just referred you to the FAQ for an
understanding of the problem, not for a solution.

And, of course Mandravia is different which is why the first two
paragraphs of 

This mailing list is for site administrators, list administrators, list
moderators, and other parties interested in the operations and
maintenance of the Mailman mailing list management system, as provided
for download via the resources shown at
http://www.list.org/download.html. There is a separate mailing list
for people interested in discussion about development of the system -

Unofficially, we will try to provide what support we can for versions
of Mailman that come from other sources (e.g., vendor-provided binary
packages, vendor-provided pre-installed software, etc...), but there
will be a limit to the level of support that we can provide for
versions of Mailman other than those which were built directly from
code downloaded directly from the resources shown at

>1. The paths used are not per mailman documentation (this is one of the many things that frustrates me about Mandriva). It took a while to figure out that the mailman installation directory is seperate from the data directory but I accomplished that before starting this thread:
>      /usr/lib/mailman - install
>      /var/lib/mailman - data
>2. The aliases files in /var/lib/mailman/data are and always have had a group of 'mailman'. Changing the user and group to 'mail', instead of 'mailman' didn't help nor had I really expected it to. Remember, the error message said the group used was 'nogroup'. No files associated with mailman anywhere have that group.

Are these files the only place where your Mailman aliases appear? If
so, and if the user:group of these (aliases and aliases.db) files are
mail:mail and yet Postfix is still executing the wrapper as group
'nogroup', then there is something about your Postfix or its
configuration that is different from most others who've had this

>3. That postfix executes the pipe based on the group of the aliases file is very peculiar to me. I am not aware of anything in postfix that would do that nor is there anything in the documentation to indicate that. Of the various Unix flavors I've worked with this is the first I heard that and it seems that at least with Mandriva, OS X, HPUX, AIX and Unicos that is not the case. However, this is clearly not the problem because 'nogroup' is not associated with either postfix or mailman files.

So where does 'nogroup' come from? Is the 'mail' group a registered

Another user has recently posted in this thread at

that the user:group under which the pipe is run are determined by the
ownership of the aliases.db file. There are other archived posts that
confirm this is true.

I don't use Postfix, nor do I know much about it, so I can't confirm
this from personal experience, nor have I been able to find it in
Postfix documentation either, but in every case I've seen on this list
that has followed through to resolution, that has been the case.

>Unforutnately I cannot find anyone that seems to be running mailman on Mandriva, or at least anyone running it that will at reply on the Mandriva forums. This was the whole purpose of this thread. I don't have a clue where that group is coming from and it is becoming painfully obvious, to me anyway, that this is not really a mailman problem.

You could just download the source and configure and install it. It
would probably be a lot less work than trying to make this rpm work.

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