[Mailman-Users] Relative path rather than absolute???

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Apr 16 18:36:21 CEST 2007

David Southwell wrote:
> Difficulty with list creation procedures.

If I understand what follows, the problem is not with list creation, but 
rather it is with the icon images on all Mailman web pages.

>     <td><img src="/usr2/virtualwebs/icons/mailman.jpg" alt="Delivered by
> Mailman" border=0><br>version 2.1.9</td>
>     <td><img src="/usr2/virtualwebs/icons/PythonPowered.png" alt="Python
> Powered" border=0></td>
>     <td><img src="/usr2/virtualwebs/icons/powerlogo.gif" alt="Powered by
> FreeBSD" border=0></td>

> Each of the above referrer lines for the img_src are shown with the absolute 
> path correctly specified in the page source.

But it is not the path which will get Apache to the icons because Apache 
is going to prepend the DocumentRoot

> -------------------------------------------------------
> However the apache server is receiving incorrect path requests from mailman:

Because you told Mailman to do this.

> It looks as though mailman is trying to add whole or part of the absolute path 
> to the absolute path!! weird.

Not Mailman, Apache.

> _______________________________
> When I checked the properties for each of the three icons at the bottom of the 
> mail list creation page I found that the sought path is, for example:
> http://www.vizion2000.net/usr2/virtualwebs/icons/PythonPowered.png
> but should be
> /usr2/virtualwebs/icons/PythonPowered.png
> The relevant line in mm_cfg.py
> IMAGE_LOGOS = '/usr2/virtualwebs/icons/'

Which is the root of the problem. If you remove this line from 
mm_cfg.py, you will be left with the Defaults.py setting

IMAGE_LOGOS = '/icons/'

This then will be matched by the

Alias /icons/ "/usr2/virtualwebs/icons/"

that probably exists in the Apache configuration. I may have the details 
of this path wrong, but the idea is that there is already an alias in 
the Apache configuration that points to Apache's icons. You add 
Mailman's icon files to Apache's icons directory, and if necessary, you 
set IMAGE_LOGOS to match Apache's alias for icons.

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