[Mailman-Users] customizing list info pages

Dennis Morgan dennis at e-aa.org
Tue Apr 17 14:57:03 CEST 2007

Not only do you know a lot more about mail than I - you type a lot 
faster! :-) Our replies crossed in the mail.

Not having to hack code is good for me. Our server is selinux Core 4 
with Plesk and resists changing. (Relating to another thread - I 
personally think control panels cause more problems than they solve).

Changing the HTML works for me, and I thank you greatly for your time 
and consideration!


Mark Sapiro wrote:
 > Dennis Morgan wrote:<snip away of Dennis>
 > After I worked so hard to give you a way that doesn't involve hacking
 > the code, you say you don't mind hacking the code :-).
 >> And then add a line somewhere in the editable section of the HTML (The
 >> part that can be reached via the admin pages)?
 > You can't simply comment out the "innertext =" line above because then
 > innertext is undefined and it is still referenced.

 > snip

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