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Tue Apr 17 20:47:29 CEST 2007

At 1:18 PM -0500 4/17/07, Jeffrey Goldberg replied to Kalin Mintchev:

>  List bombing (maliciously subscribing people to lots of lists) does
>  happen.  (I have been a victim of it several times).  What I've seen
>  is that known anti-spammers get their addresses added  to lists that
>  don't do proper confirmation.   Maybe not this year, or maybe not the
>  next year, but it is almost certain that you will end up getting
>  yourself blacklisted.

Especially since there are some very aggressive anti-spammers lurking 
about on various mailing lists like this, and they may well add you 
to a blacklist just because you say that you're running a mailing 
list that doesn't do confirmation.  And it will be virtually 
impossible for you to get yourself removed from many blacklists like 

>  Anyway, I see from a later post of yours that you found out how to do
>  the configuration you want.  Please consider that step carefully.

Inded, Kalin -- be very, very careful.

I'm sorely tempted to submit you to some blacklists myself, and I 
know that I'm not the most violently aggressive anti-spammer around.

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