[Mailman-Users] virtual doman set up with ensimpro x and duplicate msgs

Bill Putt puttwill at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 01:45:36 CEST 2007

hey all,
     not by choice, our temporary server has ensimpro. i'm trying to get
mailman installed so that we can have our mailing list back up. i know ensim
pro won't let me set up the aliases properly in the
/virtserverpath/etc/aliases, so i put the aliases in the main /etc/aliases.
the mail list works, but obviously the email is "
listname at domainofmainserver.com" rather then "listname at virtdoman.com"

i'd like to solve that, but that's not my main issue. my MAIN issue is users
are getting 2 to 4 duplicate msgs every time some one posts. this happens
weather it is a new post or a reply to a post, so it's not a problem that is
solved by checking ...

Filter out duplicate messages to list members

which has been checked from the start. the duplicates arrive any where from
1 to 5 minutes after the 1st msg arrives. some are the full msg, some are
completely blank, and some say...

<<< No Message Collected >>>

i installed mailman 2.1.8 on fedora using the rpm package manager. any idea
why i'm getting these duplicate msgs? i made sure i only have one qrunner
running and only have the mailman aliases in one of the etc/aliases.

as for the virt doman, i tried putting the emails in the form..

"listname-command at virtdomain.com listname-command"

into virtuseraliases and ran the make hash into /etc/mail/virtuseraliases.db
and restarted sendmail, but no luck. any ideas how to get the virtdomain to
work with ensimpro? thanks.
Bill Putt

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