[Mailman-Users] Personalization [was: mailman post mail to list error]

Calvin Muller calvin at siryn.co.za
Sun Apr 22 21:10:33 CEST 2007

Okay, I did what you said but I notice that the Unsubscribe footer is sent
in a .txt file which is attached to the email. Is there anyway you could
append this to the bottom on the mail and not in an attachment form..

Calvin Muller

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Mark Sapiro pisze:
> Calvin Muller wrote:
>> Thank you very much, I did actually manage to get it to work. :) Thanks
>> again very much. If I am sending out a newsletter to people I create the
>> HTML newsletter in Outlook and then I send it to mailman at hostname.blah it
>> sends and is archived but how do I add unsubscribe links and personalize
>> emails?
> Set 
> in mm_cfg.py. Then go to the admin Non-digest options page and set
> personalize to Yes or Full as desired and set msg_header and/or
> msg_footer as desired. See the "Details for ..." links for a list of
> allowable replacements.
And restart mailman for the changes to take effect. At least I think you 
need to do it.
> Also if on General Options you set include_rfc2369_headers to Yes (and
> probably include_list_post_header to No for a 'newsletter') the RFC
> 2369 List-* headers will be included in messages from Mailman and
> these include a List-Unsubscribe: header, but not all MUAs recognize
> or display these headers.
And be aware of one more thing - personalization comes at a price. If 
you have many users and send relatively big newsletter (say each message 
is about 200KB) and you have many users, your mail server must have a 
bit of RAM. Otherwise, it will have hard time trying to swallow a couple 
hundred of emails in a very short period time.

There's a setting to limit the number of emails mailman passes to a 
mailserver in one go. I don't remember it off hand, though.

Warm regards,

Zbigniew Szalbot

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