[Mailman-Users] Disable member configuration options

John Papapanos jpa3nos at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 13:00:36 CEST 2007

Hi to all,
Is there a way to disable users-members from changing 
some or all of their configuration options?

I think this is very important because some of these 
options should in some cases be available only to

In my case I want to have a public list in terms on
can post to the list but I want the list to be private
in terms of who can access the archives and to whom
messages can be forwarded to.
About the private archives there is an option and can
be configured only by the admin. But for me I want
posts to be forwarded only to people that are members
of the list and belong to my domain and not to the
members that do not belong to my domain. 

This way my mail server wont forward spam to other
domains (via the list) and people outside my domain
will still be able to read the list's posts.

This could be solved if the option to Enable mail
delivery was not available in user's configuration
page, or if the user could be dissalowed to change 
his options somehow.

Thank you 

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