[Mailman-Users] Integrating mailman with joomla/mambo

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Apr 24 20:29:19 CEST 2007

At 3:58 AM -0700 4/24/07, David Southwell wrote:

>  IMHO some of the best FAQ's are to be found in the Open Source World and many
>  of the worst come from over highly paid professionals with too much attention
>  to hype and too little devotion to meeting end user requirements.

Pretty much by definition, FAQs and all things like them come from 
the community, and they usually tend to be solely supported by the 
community.  As such, it makes sense that the Free/Libre/Open-Source 
Software (FLOSS) community would be responsible for producing some of 
the best FAQs around, since they're probably one of the biggest and 
most active communities around.

>  The advantage of  open source world is that the best contributions are
>  crafted with care and passion and not with a focus on self interest.

Right, but there's a difference between a FAQ and a definitive O'Reilly book.

What we've got today is the FAQ.  What you're asking for is the O'Reilly book.

While there are people in this community who have the technical 
knowledge that would be required to produce an O'Reilly book, there 
are few people in the world who make good technical writers, and 
there are damn few technical writers who are O'Reilly-quality.  I 
know that I'm not O'Reilly quality.

When it comes to Mailman, there is no known overlap between the 
people who have the necessary technical knowledge and the people who 
have the necessary technical writing talent & skills.

If you have information otherwise, please say so.  I'm sure that 
Barry and others will be relieved to know that someone else is taking 
care of this issue.

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