[Mailman-Users] Request for some additional configurationfeatures

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Apr 25 17:42:51 CEST 2007

D G Teed wrote:
>If ALLOW_RFC2369_OVERRIDES = NO actually suppresses all LIST-*
>headers, I wish it said that.  It doesn't.  It says that it removes the
>ability for list admins to suppress the headers.

And that is what it does. It just removes the include_rfc2369_headers
item from the General Options page.

>What we want is for all lists created, no matter what
>sort, to default to
>no RFC2369 headers.  It is not practical to edit 2300 lists, although if it
>were possible
>to script a solution that might be a workaround.

echo > $file include_rfc2369_headers = 0
for list in `bin/list_lists --bare`
do bin/config_list -i $file
rm $file

or some such.

To actually make the default for new lists be no rfc 2369 headers, you
would have to edit Mailman/MialList.py. In the definition of InitVars,

        self.include_rfc2369_headers = 1


        self.include_rfc2369_headers = 0

or you could put say


in mm_cfg.py and then change the above to

        self.include_rfc2369_headers = \

>The current workaround I've made, is to subscribe the list admin as
>through a gmail account, and have gmail forward emails to her regular work
>since she does not want to check the second account.  With this method,
>I've listed the list admin's work email under Privacy options as a
>non-member who can post to the list.  All non-members or members
>who post to the list get an immediate reject.  This might be the best
>for the present time.

I guess that works for you, but the preferred method would be to forget
the gmail address and include the list admin's regular email as
another moderated member (moderated so no one can post by spoofing her

Then she can post by including an

Approved: <list_pw>

header in her post.

The Approved: line can also be the first line of the message, but
unless she posts plain text only, this is not a good solution. The
Approved: line will not be recognized in an HTML only post and it is
not 100% reliably removed from the HTML part of a
multipart/alternative post.

The way you are doing it, if I understand correctly, someone else can
post by spoofing her address, so it is no different from just having
her  preferred address as an unmoderated list member.

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