[Mailman-Users] maiman, problem with greek characters

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Apr 27 20:12:48 CEST 2007

On 4/27/07, test at social.soc.uoc.gr wrote:

>  I have installed the latest version of mailman in a mail server running
>  postfix. The problem is with emails that contain greek characters. If the
>  encoding is iso-8859-7 or windows-1253, all the body text is encoded as
>  base64. The result of it is that the recipients cannot read the received
>  emails.

This is not a Mailman problem.  This is caused by either your mail 
client generating base64, or the message being converted when it hits 
the MTA.

Get the client or the MTA fixed, and Mailman should handle the result 
just fine.

>  In case a user sends an email with multipart/mixed encoding everything is
>  ok.

So what's the problem with having them send multipart/mixed?

Keep in mind that your content-transfer-encoding is completely 
orthogonal to the charset, and both of which are completely 
orthogonal to the MIME bodypart type.  A client or intermediary MTA 
could change just one of these three things, and some recipients 
would deal with that change just fine, while others would freak out.

Theoretically, all clients should be fine with all possible values in 
each of these three categories, and they should handle it properly. 
In practice, most of them are extremely fragile in their handling of 
these things, and even just looking at them cross-eyed can make them 
barf and die horribly.

Welcome to the wonderful world of MIME.

>  I've added a new line in Defauls.py containing the iso-8859-7 but it does
>  not work.

Don't edit Defaults.py.  That file will get overwritten in an 
upgrade.  Edit mm_cfg.py instead.  Also make sure that you restart 
Mailman after changes to mm_cfg.py.  Note that many changes to 
mm_cfg.py will only affect lists created after the change is made, 
and won't have any impact on any existing lists.  So, you may need to 
delete and re-create your list(s) after making changes to mm_cfg.py.

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