[Mailman-Users] Lists stop working

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Apr 30 02:12:35 CEST 2007

bjames at cisco.com wrote:
>The comment "... and was distributed to all members" turns out to be
>incorrect.  Messages from 'new' subscribers are delivered by MailMan
>to *some* existing members of the mailing list, but definitely not all
>of them.
>The bottom line is that for the moment, our attempts to detect any pattern
>in what messages get redistributed to whom has been unsuccessful.
>We do know that the messages are being received, logged in the list archive,
>and (at least sometimes) distributed to *some* members of the mailing list.
>I suspect that MailMan logs will point to the root cause of the problem
>fairly quickly, at least for someone with even a moderate understanding
>of how MailMan processes list messages and where MailMan logs those

I suspect that Mailman's logs will not point to the root cause, because
I suspect this problem is outbound from Mailman. I may be wrong about
this, but whether or not it's Mailman's problem, Mailman's smtp log
will verify whether or not the posts are being sent from Mailman to
the expected number of recipients in each case.

>Our ISP's tech support person is trying again to escalate our problem
>to cPanel.

Your ISP's tech support should first use Mailman's smtp log to see
whether or not it is Mailman dropping recipients. If it is Mailman,
then cPanel is the correct place to go. If not, then start looking at
the outgoing MTA's logs to see what happens after Mailman.

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