[Mailman-Users] Hello! And Emails Stuck on my lists

Sara Ellars saraellars at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 06:23:20 CEST 2007

Hello, I am new, my name is Sara. I have been using the MailMan Mailing
lists for about 5 years now I think. I have loved it.

I just got a new problem that is pretty annoying. First, I don't have FULL
control of my servers. I have tech guys who run it, but my clients have run
into a problem of emails not sending. They can access everything, the emails
show up in the list archives. But it won't send to the users on the list. I
have searched all past posts and tried to tell my tech guys that it seemed
as if they were getting stuck in cache. All the rest of the emails work on
the server, they all go to the person they should, just the mailing list
won't send out.

Can someone please give me something I can tell them? Or even where I can
maybe see if it is something I can do myself? We are running on a Cpanel
server and I know that makes it a bit harder, but I would love any
suggestions anyone can offer me. Thank you again for the wonderful lists, I
would be so lost with out them! Which I am feeling that now lol


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