[Mailman-Users] Out of the Office Mailman-Users Digest, Vol 42, Issue 27

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Aug 17 06:08:29 CEST 2007

On 8/16/07, Dawn Kolb wrote:

>  Am I missing something?  What problems did his auto-responder cause?

Everyone on the list got a copy.  All auto-responders should be set 
up so that they do not respond to any list traffic.

He's a digest user, so if he were to see another digest, he'd 
generate another auto-response to the whole list.  If he weren't a 
digest user, he'd be generating an auto-response for every single 
post to the list -- including all of his own auto-responses.  Imagine 
if two such people were on the list, so that they both replied to all 
posts on the list, including the auto-responses from the other guy.

That's one of the quickest possible ways to kill a mailing list, and 
to bury all the mailing list recipients with hundreds of thousands or 
millions of copies of the same damn stupid auto-response.

>                                                                        I just
>  want to know in case I forget to disable any lists that I am on.  Or is it
>  something specific to him because he is a co-moderator of this list?

He's not the co-moderator, I am.

And I kill subscriptions from people with bad auto-responders, with 
extreme prejudice.

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