[Mailman-Users] virtual host problem - mail not originating fromsubdomain

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Aug 21 06:21:27 CEST 2007

David Buntin wrote:
>For what it's worth, I created the lists after creating the subdomain and
>virtual host. I created the lists with newlist and the appropriate --urlhost
>and --email host options.


>To be safe I tried running the fix_url script as you suggested with the same
>results (no change.)

That's what I would have expected given that you created the list
appropriately in the first place.

>The contents of my mm_cfg.py are:
>   from Defaults import *
>   SMTPHOST='domain.com'
>   add_virtualhost('www.subdomain.domain.com','subdomain.domain.com')

This is good.

>   SMTP_LOG_EVERY_MESSAGE = ('smtp','%(msg_message-id)s smtp to %(listname)s
>or %(#recips)d recips, completed in %(time).3f seconds. To=%(msg_to)s Return
>Path=%(msg_return-path)s Sender=%(msg_sender)s Errors To=%(msg_errors-to)s')

Here it makes a difference if you are using VERP like delivery or not.
With VERP, msg_return-path, msg_sender and msg_errors-to will be as in
the incoming message. Without VERP, msg_sender and msg_errors-to will
be as set by Mailman for the outgoing message. See the 'MAS' comment
about 30 lines into SMTPDirect.process() for why.

>The contents of Default.py that you requested are:
>   DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'domain.com'
>   DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'domain.com'


>>It works great with one exception.
>>- The "To:" field in all mail forwarded by Mailman from
>>appears as list2 at domain.com. <--notice the "subdomain" has been omitted.
>>- Upon closer inspection of the email headers, it appears the subdomain is
>>also omitted from the "Return-Path:", "Sender:", and "Errors-To:" fields as

I don't think the problem is in Mailman. I think your incoming MTA is
rewriting these headers in the inbound message.  FAQ 6.22
although written with outgoing messages in mind, may provide some
insight to this.

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